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Bed of Roses


Bed of Roses

- Penny

That vision has always been in my head.

The vision of a room with a large four poster bed covered in a white sheet. The white sheet covered in rose petals strewn all over it. The room devoid of electric lighting…the only illumination coming from vanilla candles, which also spread their heady, erotic scent all over. While intense, passion-invoking Latin music plays in the background, outside it thunders and rains, the droplets beating against the windows.

And on this very bed, in this very room, I want to take him.


My love, my friend, my babe, my dream, my biggest weakness and my greatest strength.

The man who is built more like a Greek God than a human being- his angular face, his symmetrical jaw, high cheekbones, brown eyes, a sculpted, toned physique with well-built muscles and a smile which can melt a heart of stone.

But his looks are only complimentary to his innate decency, his honesty, his integrity and his good, soft-spoken nature.

He is like a hero in a Mills & Boons- except that he isn’t vain, conceited, a Casanova and a millionaire. He’s a scientist at the same university where I am an English professor.

That’s what makes me love him like a crazy person.

And that’s what makes me want to show him how much I am crazy about him.

He will be back from the university soon. Tired and spent, but with a smile on his face and a rose for me in his pocket.

Thinking of him produces a stirring in my loins, as I lie sprawled on the bed strewn with rose petals, dressed in his favorite red lingerie. I have decked this room exactly as in my fantasy, as in countless wet dreams. It is a vanilla scented tableau of love- a night that will seal our destinies forever.

I suddenly hear the front door of the apartment open- Danish has a key to the home we share.

“Aisha?” he shouts from the living room.

“I’m in the bedroom, Danny baby! Come quickly!” I shout in reply.

“What happened? Are you alright? What hap…?” Danny comes running into the bedroom, then stops suddenly as he surveys his surroundings, scratching his head in puzzlement.

He looks so cute when he does that.

“Hi darling!” I tell him, as I sit up on the bed.

“Er…what’s going on here, baby girl?” he asks.

I walk up to him, smiling, , enjoying his eyes grow wide as I throw off my dressing gown and stand before him in his favorite lingerie, and take him in my arms. His musky cologne can be still smelled in his shirt. It turns me on all the more…I’m just waiting for this torture to end.

He encircles my waist with his hands, waiting for my reply.

“I always had a fantasy, Danny. About taking you, naked, here, right on this bed. And then you take me. With the roses and the candles and the scented bath I just thought of setting up in the bathroom. I’m a very, very bad girl…” I reply, grinning.

“If you are bad, baby girl, then I’m positively evil. Go ahead, undress me and take me all you want,” he replies, with a wink.

I, slowly, take off his clothes. As much impatient as I am to have him inside me, I can’t but enjoy the act of undressing him, taking pleasure in it, admiring his masculine beauty from all possible angles.

I unzip and unbutton his trousers and they fall to the ground. He steps out of them and kicks them away.

I unbutton his shirt, as he looks at me with a piercing gaze that sends my heart rate shooting through the roof. I throw off his shirt, and then pull his vest over his shoulders.

At last, I take off his knickers and let it fall to the ground. He kicks that away too. Then he yanks off my panties.

I kiss him, and drag him towards the bed. He responds, and we kiss like crazy as I throw him onto the bed and pull myself on top of him.

I first pick up some rose petals and arrange them in a line from his neck to his groin.

I then attack him with my mouth, kissing his neck and his shoulders, the hair on his chest, his small, red nipples and his eight pack abs. 

“Aisha…” he moans all the time, his fingers rubbing my clitoris and griping inside my pussy, pleasuring and arousing me.

With relish, I take his limp prick in my mouth.

As he shouts my name in ecstasy, I suck on his organ.

Slowly, the long, cylindrical rod becomes engorged with blood and comes alive in my mouth.

I straddle Danish as he grabs my hips, and slowly guide his organ to my vagina, pushing his phallus inside me.


“Danny babe!”

I firmly plant my hands on both sides of him, pinning him down, and then move my hips. He moves his in rhythm to mine, as his shaft goes in and goes out of me. He grabs my breasts and fondles them as I feel my nipples tauten in arousal.


“Oh my God Danny…”

Twenty minutes later, we both come at the same time.

And then I take him four more times, only after which his prick becomes limp.

“You’re my stud, baby! So athletic, so masculine!” I tell him, as I collapse atop him, our bodies drenched in sweat.

“You are the real stud, baby girl. I was only hoping to keep up with your drive,” he replies, and rolls us both over.

Grabbing the hem of my lace slip, he pulls it over my head and throws it away.

He also arranges a rose petal on each of my nipples.

Then I put my hands around him as he wordlessly buries his head in my bosom and takes my nipple in his mouth.

And the night carries on, promising to not end quickly.

- Penny

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