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About Us


Intimate Moments | Adult LifeStyle Products Online Store, dedicated entirely to sexual discovery and unique products for pleasure. The Store imparts knowledge and creates a safe conversational environment, it inspires and empowers you to seek sexual enlightenment. We are passionate about personal discovery and we aim to be an educational resource for your sexual growth. By opening the discussion on various lifestyles, we prompt you, regardless of your sex or sexuality, to experiment with innovative products and new experiences without judgement. Try anything once. 

We are showcasing over different varieties of products of International brands at a competitive rates. provides women and men with a clean and elegant space to access accurate, relevant sexual information and find expertly-rated sexual wellness product with ease & confidence.

Mission: Intimate Moments wants you to feel excited about your sexuality and provide a unique place - a clean and elegant space where you can access accurate and relevant sexual information and purchase individually-tested and expertly rated sex toys for sale with ease and confidence.

Vision: Intimate Moments sees a future where embarrasing events and actions are conducted in a private environment. Technology will allow everyone to calmly conduct our business in private. Intimate Moments specializes in selling items that you rather not buy in public. Offering embarrasing products through Online Store is our speciality.